Saturday, 15 November 2008

Cancer is not just an illness of the body. Often a diagnosis follows a period of  mental or emotional stress. The cause could be linked to work, relationship, family, money or any number of other button pressers. While cancer is a symptom of the physical body, stress is a symptom of the mind. It is a pre-curser. Its a condition that pre-dated the cancer diagnosis. Can we go back further to a less tangible level of existence. Prior to the cancer diagnosis was there a symptom we may have been unaware of on a spiritual or soul level. Was there a symptom manifesting there, an imbalance linked to sense of purpose, or connectedness. These are existential questions which some find the answer to through formalised religion. When I was diagnosed with a primary malignant melanoma at the age of 41 I sought advice from the late Dr. Andrew Lockie, a wise friend and homoeopathic doctor. He told me that a person diagnosed with cancer was certainly sick physically but that's not all. They are also sick emotionally and spiritually.   For them to get well they had first to work with the physical condition. Second, emotions and thirdly spirit or soul. You have to go from the outer to the inner. The cancer starts as an imbalance deep inside and over a period  travels through the mind and then finally manifests in the physical body as cancer. The healing journey starts in the physical body and continues back through the mind and then to the soul. We call this holistic healing acknowledging we are not solely a physical body but layers of interdependent forms which make a complete and whole and unique individual. 
Most people faced with a cancer diagnosis follow their doctors advice and go for chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. The treatments are effective in removing the symptom. Personally I chose a nutritional therapy which was also effective removing the symptom. By the time I started Gerson Therapy the cancer had spread to my lymphatic system, 9 months after being diagnosed with the primary. The Gerson regime mobilised my immune system to destroy the life- threatening tumour. A battle took place in my body which I described in the Reset Button.
Doing Gerson Therapy, like doing conventional medicine removed the symptom and bought me the time I needed to consider the emotional and spiritual I needed to do to get well.


West Eureka said...

Thanks for putting this online. It helps other Gerson patients stick with it. I don't have cancer so it's very different. I have Lyme. But either way one has to be reminded constantly of the results to keep up the regime.

John P Cadman said...

In reading the books about Gerson therapy and diet, it seeems very restrictive. Did you change your life diet and stay vegetarian since your recovery back in 1993? Any good advice or study material to me recovering from cancer tumor surgery?

pauline said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say braVo.....
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and wrote a book AND SO WE HEAL-----also- choosing the holistic route -
It is so inspiring to others to share ones story - thank you

Realty Advice said...

Hi there, I read all your blog posts and I would like to read more! Are you going to write more about the detox and healing after you got home from the clinic?